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First and foremost... WELCOME to the new Mindy Lipcavage Photography website and blog!!! I'm absolutely elated to have finally launched this puppy and can't wait to share all of my exciting and beautiful adventures with you!!! YIPPEE!!! :) Now, moving on...

Last weekend, our family grew by another "furbaby!" Meet our sweet boy, Griffin (aka, Griffmonster)!

It was an exhausting week adjusting to life with a puppy again, but Griffin's been such a good boy and Stella love-love-loves her new brother. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little bit concerned she might feel put out, but her reaction was the exact opposite. We've been highly entertained by the seemingly endless amounts of puppy play!

The Griffmonster is bold as bold can be and will not sit still for anything but, I managed to capture a few quick portraits of the nuggets over the weekend!